Wednesday, July 09, 2014

What to Wear On Beach Vacation

It's always summer here in Indonesia. 

But no differences with other country, June-August is the high seasons for holiday and mostly during these months we'd like to go to the beach for summer vacation. I'm in love with beach, sea, ocean, and everything in between. Most of my trip i do is beach vacation. 

Looking good during your beach vacation is essentials as the itinerary list. 
Everyone stressed out when the time to pack their clothes. The key is to pack wisely with comfortable clothes that shines you out which can take you from a day in sand to an evening in the town.

I'm gonna share here my fashion pieces i always carry in my bagpack/suitcase when i travel to the beach. I have 2 style options i love which will successfully make you look good during your summer vacation. Let's join on my packing time!


It is very common summer style, everyone love it because the navy look is neat, chic, and fit to everyone personality. The keyword for this look is stripes, navy color, red color, and everything related to sailor thing. The best thing of this look is you can wear it in your sailing trip, soaked up with sun on the beach, or just hanging around in town. You can wear stripes shirt or long sleeves in black&white or combination of navy, red, and grey color and then pair them with chino pants or comfy cotton white short pants. Rock this look with boat shoes or canvas shoes and pull up your look with beach hat & favorite sunglasses. Don't forget your canvas tote bag & sunblock to make it this sailing navy look complete. 

I like By The Sea Bali, if you're looking clothing pieces for this style but anyway you can find them easily in online shop, H&M, New Look, Giordano, and Zara. For the boat shoes, i'm in love with Sperry Top Sider  ones. They have ultimate comfortable shoes with stylish look. 


It's been my all time favorite look. You can look  effortless fashionable with it. But not everyone can rock this look because only certain people with unique & laid back personality love it. People who wear this look usually is the hippie one or just embrace the greatness of being messy around by the beach.

Choose embroidery top/dress with tribal or flowers pattern on it. The brighter the color the better, it will shine you out under the sun with your tan skin. But you can also wear dress or top with white / black color but don't forget to get lace or embroidery touch within. Pair it with short jeans or chino and walk with ethnic shoes/sandals or just use your fave slipper, or even just barefoot!

Buy unique jewelry from local artisan to make your look stands out. I choose bohemian or vintage leather sling bag to carry your stuffs with this look. 
You don't have to wear branded clothes with this look just buy the at local market or concept store near the beach. 

So those 2 style are my favorite look for beach vacation, but if you don't want to think really hard with what you're gonna wear during vacation, just wear comfy white t-shirt + bikini, shorts, and your slippery to spend your day at the beach. 

Anyway, the most important thing is be yourself, no matter what you wear just enjoy the sun, the sand, the salt, the sea with you! Happy vacation!

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